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Waste management still remains a big burden to most municipalities and cities across the world. It is a fact that most wastes end up in landfills where they are either buried or incinerated. This gives rise to vast green house gases that impact climate change. 

We are located in Gulu, one of the fast growing municipalities in Uganda. 

Sure, we believe in SDG 17 (Partnerships for the Goals). You can contact us for a chat. 

Yes, we offer internship and trainee opportunities to environmentally conscious individuals from different academic backgrounds. 

We also offer opportunities to individuals with little academic backgrounds but innovative and passionate about bringing a change. 

We make a multitude of products as a result of both recycling and upcycling. Our recycling products include construction materials like pavers, tiles and ventilators. 

Our upcycled products on the other hand include ‘green recycle bins’,  seats, tables etc.

Our clients are from both the private sector and public sector. We offer our services to academic institutions, health institutions, government institutions, households, businesses etc.

Yes, we work with academic institutions. For example, we work with Gulu University to undertake research and innovations. We also work with the local government especially with the department of environment. 

We  have vast success stories but most notably the fact that most people in Gulu are getting to know more about climate change and exploring means of offsetting the emission. 

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